Assessing & Taxes

2023 Personal Property Tax Bills
Copies of 2023 Personal Property Tax Bills (in alpha order). Taxes committed on 07/24/23. Status as of 04/01/23.
2023 Personal Property Tax Commitment Book
Summary of all 2023 Personal Property Taxes.
2023 Real Estate Commitment Book
Summary of all 2023 Real Estate Taxes.
2023 Real Estate Tax Bills
Copies of 2023 Real Estate Tax Bills (in alpha order). Taxes committed on 07/24/23. Status as of 04/01/23.
2023 Tax Lien Schedule
Tax billing, lien & foreclosure schedule for 2023 real and personal property.
LD290 Property Tax Stabilization for Seniors REPEALED by State Legilsature
The LD 290 “Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens” program, enacted in August 2022, was repealed by the Maine Legislature on July 6, 2023, with an effective date of October 11, 2023.
Real Estate Tax & Lien Timeline

Assessing & Taxes (Archived)

2022 Personal Property Tax Bills
2022 Personal Property Tax Commitment Book
2022 Real Estate Tax Commitment Book
2022 Real Estate Tax Bills

Business Licenses

Certificate of Sole Proprietor (DBA)
If you are operating your business as a sole proprietor, under a trade name, or as a general partnership you are required by Maine law to file with the municipal clerk where your business is located (See text of Title 31 M.R.S.A. 1 & 2)

Code Enforcement

Building Permit Application
Building Permit FAQ
Building Permit Fees
Certificate of Occupancy
The Town of Solon does not require a Certificate of Occupancy.
Driveway/Entrance Permit & E-911 Address Application
Use this application for a new or modified driveway/entrance and/or a new E-911 address.
HHE-200 Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Application (septic permit)
Reference Only: Permit completed by Site Evaluator and approved by the Local Plumbing Inspector.
HHE-211 Plumbing Application (internal plumbing)
Internal plumbing fixtures and piping may not be installed until a permit is issued by the Local Plumbing Inspector. See Fee Schedule for price.
Shoreland Building Permit Application

Elections & Voting

Voter Registration Card
2022 version
Voter Registration Instructions
2022 version

Helpful Information

Dates to Remember

Maps (Tax, Shoreland, etc.)

1 - GIS Tax Maps (interactive)
Google Maps with overlay of 2023 Property Tax Maps
2 - Owner Listing (as of 08-14-2023)
Owner listing in order of Map/Lot. Updated throughout the year.
3 - Tax Map Index
Tax Map R1
Tax Map R2
Tax Map R3
Tax Map R4
Tax Map R5
Tax Map R6
Tax Map R7
Tax Map R8
Tax Map R9
Tax Map U1
Tax Map U2
Tax Map U3
Tax Map U4
Tax Map U5
Tax Map U6
Shoreland Zoning Map

Misc. Applications & Permits

Conceal Carry Permit Booklet, State of Maine
Concealed Carry Permit Application
Open Burn Permit FAQ
Open Burn Permit (Online)
Individuals seeking to burn brush piles, wood debris and agricultural burns only Permits are only valid when the daily fire danger rating is low or moderate

Ordinances, Policies & Fee Schedules

Transfer Station Recycling Fee Schedule

Photos - Community

RSU #74 Header Photo
Solon Elementary, Carrabec High School, Carrabec Community School, Garrett Schenck Elementary

Public Notices

NEW Public Works Garage - Request for Qualifications for Engineering/Consultant Services
RFQ's for the new Public Works Garage is due to the Town Office by 08/15/23 at 4:00 pm for review.

Sports & Recreation

SCRD Donation Form
Youth Sports Registration Form
Paper copies available from the Coaches or at the Town Office

Town Meetings (previous years)

2020 Town Meeting (March 7)
2020 Special Town Meeting (October 3)
2021 Annual Town Meeting (March 6)
2022 Town Meeting (March 5)
Warrant articles with results.
2022 Special Town Meeting (September 14)
Warrant articles with results.
2023 Town Meeting Warrant - Explanation of Articles
2023 Town Meeting Warrant (March 4)

Town Reports

2018 Town Report
2019 Town Report
2020 Town Report
2021 Town Report
2022 Town Report
2023 Town Report
(for March 2, 2024 Town Meeting)

Vital Records

Application for Vital Record - Birth
Application for Vital Record - Death
Application for Vital Record - Marriage
Intention of Marriage Application (VS2-A)
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