Voting & Elections

Register to Vote Online or In-person

To register, you must be a United States citizen, at least 16 years of age to pre-register to vote and have established a fixed principal home in Maine. Check out the State of Maine Voter Guide for requirements.

You will need:

  • Proof of Identification (government issued photo ID)
  • Proof of Residency (that your primary residence is in the Town you are registering to vote)

To vote in a Referendum or General Election, you must be registered in the community where you reside, and be at least 18 years of age. A 17 year old may vote in a Primary Election, if that person will be 18 by the General Election.

There are many ways to register:

  • Online :Go to Maine Voter Registration Service
  • In-person: at your local Clerk’s Office, Bureau of Motor Vehicle branch office, state & federal social service agencies, or at voter registration drives
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Qualifying Parties

A Maine registered voter may enroll in one of the following parties by checking the appropriate box on the Maine Voter Registration Application. For information on each party, click on links below.

If available on the voter registration card, a voter may enroll in one of the following qualifying parties by checking the “Other Qualifying Party” box on the voter registration application and writing in the qualifying party name:

A voter not wishing to join any party should check the “Unenrolled (no party choice)” box on the application.

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Local Elections

For for information on local elections and town meetings, go to:

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State Elections

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Representatives to the Maine State Government

Maine State Representative (District 72)

Larry C. Dunphy (R - Embden)

Maine State Senator (District 5)

Russell J. Black (R-Franklin)

Governor of the State of Maine

Janet T. Mills (D-Farmington)

  • Phone (voice): (207) 287-3531
  • Phone (TTY): (888) 577-6690)
  • Fax: (207) 287-1034
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United States Congressman, 2nd District of Maine

Jared F. Golden (D-Lewiston)

  • Lewiston: (207) 241-6767
  • Washington, DC: (202) 255-6306

United States Senator

Susan M. Collins (R-Bangor)

  • Augusta: (207) 622-8414
  • Washington, DC: (202) 224-2523

United States Senator

Angus S. King, Jr. (I-Brunswick)

  • Augusta: (207) 622-8292
  • Washington, DC: (202) 224-5344

President of the United States

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-Delaware)

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