Code Enforcement

Solon Code Enforcement’s primary mission is to protect the lives, safety, and property of everyone who lives, works or visits our community. The department serves this mission through the enforcement of state laws and local ordinances related to shore land zoning, land use regulation, plumbing, subsurface waste disposal, electrical, life safety and building standards.

Staff and committee members are available to assist property owners with questions and project development. The combination of education and enforcement is crucial to protect the health, safety and welfare of all.

Building Permits & Zoning (Planning Board)

Building permits are required. In 1977 the Town of Solon enacted a building ordinance.  This ordinance also provided for a fine, not to exceed $100.00 per day that a violation of the ordinance continued.  In 1989 & 2003 the voters amended the ordinance, requiring that a building permit be issued by the Solon Planning Board PRIOR to the construction or placement of any structure that exceeds 200 square feet of floor space and for an addition that exceeds 100 square feet. Building permit applications are available online (see below), at the Town Office or from any member of the Planning Board. Site plans are required to accompany every building permit.  Planning Board members will offer any assistance to anyone needing help in completing an application.  The Board meets each 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 PM in the conference room at the Town Office.

Please check out the FAQ or contact the Planning Board with any questions about residential or commercial building, construction, land use, addition or renovation projects.

Code Enforcement

Initial and follow-up building permit inspections and site visits are scheduled by the CEO with the property owner.

Subsurface Wastewater & Plumbing

Health Officer

Animal Welfare

E-911 Addressing

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